Why is being healthy so hard?

When did being healthy get so complicated?

I hear so many people say they would love to be healthier, but:
– it’s too hard
– there’s too many rules & restrictions
– it’s too confusing
– there’s too much conflicting information

Sound familiar? What if there’s a simpler way?

If there’s one key message I want to share, it’s that health is whatever feels right to you. Can you imagine the freedom that comes with realising that there’s no “one way” to live a healthy life? That you don’t HAVE to go paleo, quit sugar, go gluten-free, buy shares in coconut oil or have an entire pantry shelf devoted to ferments?
And you don’t have to meditate, do yoga, crossfit or HIIT, sign up for a half-marathon, do a green juice cleanse or a plank challenge.

Of course you can do any or all of those things if they make you feel amazing, but if not? Let that shit go 😃 Find the things that make -you- feel well, happy, energised, the things that make you feel more like YOU.
Learn to listen to your body, not your news feed.
Question everything, try the things that resonate, and trust that you already know what you need to know.

Now, go do something makes you feel good! (and feel free to share what that is in the comments if you feel so inclined, you never know who else you might inspire!)

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