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Naturopathic Consults

I help women feel calm and empowered about their health and their bodies.

I love working with hormones, anxiety, stress/overwhelm, sleep issues and digestive health.

I have a passion for fertility and preconception care, so if a baby is something you hope for, I’d love to help – no matter where you are on your journey.

Read more about the ways you can work with me below, or book a free call now! Let’s chat to see if we’d be a good fit.

In-Clinic Consults

I am available on Tuesdays at Global Performance Therapy in Kingscliff NSW, servicing the Northern Rivers & southern Gold Coast communities. 

While you’re visiting me here in Kingscliff,  why not take advantage of the remedial massage services offered by Donna and her team, or book a session in the Hypobaric Oxygen Therapy chamber! Click here for more info on the other services offered at Global Performance Therapy. 

Online consults

If you’re not local to Kingscliff, or simply enjoy the convenience of online consults, you can book in to see me via secure Zoom video conferencing.

Online consults are a great option if you’re juggling kids or need to do a quick consult during your lunch break at work, or just don’t feel like leaving the house. Consults run on the same format as in-clinic consults, and you’ll get all your information sent to you via email and herbs/ supplements delivered straight to your door.

Programs & Courses

If you’re interested in focusing on a specific area of your health, one of my tailored programs & courses may be what you’re looking for.

Current options include:

21 Day Detox Simplified program

Fertility Simplified online course

12 Week Essential Preconception program

Tailored Programs

I’ve designed these programs to be uniquely tailored to your requirements. Each program comes with a combination of private consultations, online resources, tailored supplement packs delivered to you and personal support from me. Read on below for more information on my Wellness Simplified programs. 

Manage Stress & Anxiety Naturally

6 Week Personalised Program

Anxiety and stress are showing up more and more commonly in women I work with. This program will guide you through a gentle exploration of the ways stress and anxiety shows up in your life, and the simple steps you can take to reduce the impact of stress, improve your resilience, and reduce the way anxiety interferes with your daily quality of life. You’ll feel calmer, more able to deal with what life throws at you, and more empowered with tools to help you manage your own unique symptoms and triggers.

Detox Simplified

21 Day Personalised Detox Program

Not your regular detox program, this program is carefully designed to be simple, effective and affordable. You’ll receive a personalised meal plan, food lists and recipe suggestions; a bespoke herbal detox tonic; carefully selected supportive nutritional supplements; and a therapeutic naturopathic tea blend hand-picked by me, all tailored specifically for your unique health picture.

Fertility Simplified

12 Week Preconception Program

Trying to conceive? This program will help you understand how to optimise your fertility and give yourself the best chance of conceiving a robustly healthy baby. We work through all the factors that are known to influence fertility and the health of your children, and work together to overcome any current obstacles to conceiving. Perfect for women & couples just starting to think about conceiving, struggling to conceive, contemplating IVF, and currently undertaking IVF – it’s never too late to improve the health of your body, your reproductive system and your future baby.

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