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Naturopathic Consults

I help women feel calm and empowered about their health and their bodies. Read on to find the best way for you to work with me, or click here to book a free call and we’ll work it out together! 

So many women I see need help with hormones, anxiety, stress/overwhelm, sleep issues and digestive health. My “Healthy Hormones” package is a great way to rebalance your hormones, calm and support your nervous system & adrenals, improve your sleep quality and rebuild your energy levels.

I have a passion for fertility and preconception care, so if a baby is something you hope for, I’d love to help – no matter where you are on your journey. The 12 week “Essential Preconception Program” is for you if you want to optimise your reproductive health and get your body baby-ready, or if you have been trying for a while and need help to overcome your fertility issues. We work through diet & nutrition, hormones & cycle tracking, toxins & hormone disrupters, lifestyle & mindset – you’ll come away feeling calm, confident and in control of your fertility journey. 

Or if you just want to come in for a “tune-up” and recalibration of your current diet & lifestyle, you can book my starter package. We’ll work together over 2 sessions to develop a personalised Wellness Blueprint to get you on your way to wellness. 

My clinic location is at Global Performance Therapy in Kingscliff NSW, servicing the Northern Rivers & southern Gold Coast communities. If you’re not local to Kingscliff, or simply enjoy the convenience of online consults, you can book in to see me via secure Zoom video conferencing.

Read more about the ways you can work with me below, or book a free call now! Let’s chat to see if we’d be a good fit.

Starter Pack


1 x 60 minute initial consult + 1 x 30 minute followup 
Comprehensive Wellness Assessment & review
Diet and nutrition review & recommendations
Supplement & herbal medicine recommendations
Personalised Wellness Blueprint outlining main recommendations to take away with you


Healthy Hormones

Spend 6 weeks working with me to rebalance your hormones, calm and support your nervous system & adrenals, improve your sleep quality and rebuild your energy levels. Great for PMS, anxiety, stress & overwhelm. 

Healthy Hormones


 6 week program:
1 x 60 minute initial consult
2 x 30 minute followups
2x 15 minute check-ins

 500mL bespoke herbal blend to support hormones, adrenals and nervous system (delivered to your door)
Diet and nutrition review & recommendations
 10% off recommended practitioner-only supplements
Ongoing personalised Wellness Plan to help you continue your journey after our 6 weeks is up

Essential Preconception Program

A 12 week journey to get your body baby-ready. Great for women who want to optimise their fertility & improve their chances of conception; those struggling with hormonal issues or unexplained infertility; or to prepare your body for IVF or ICSI. 

Essential Preconception Program


12 week program:
1 x 75 minute initial consult
4 x 30 minute followups
 10 week supply of bespoke herbal blend to support hormonal and reproductive health (delivered to your door)

Evidence-based diet and nutrition recommendations for fertility & pregnancy

 10% off recommended practitioner-only supplements
BBT thermometer & training in how to chart your cycle to conceive
Access to online resources including e-Books, videos and online courses to support you on your journey
Bonus “Next Steps” module to help you decide where to from here 

While you’re visiting me here in Kingscliff,  why not take advantage of the remedial massage services offered by Donna and her team, or book a session in the Hypobaric Oxygen Therapy chamber! Click here for more info on the other services offered at Global Performance Therapy.

Online consults are a great option if you’re juggling kids or need to do a quick consult during your lunch break at work, or just don’t feel like leaving the house. Consults run on the same format as in-clinic consults, and you’ll get all your information sent to you via email and herbs/ supplements delivered straight to your door.

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