Naturopathy & Holistic Nutrition Consults
Now available in Glen Iris, in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Come in for a once-off Wellness, Simplified consult, or kick off a comprehensive treatment plan - the choice is yours. I'm here to support you to choose the path that suits you, and offer simple, clear and empowering information to help you take control of your health - your way.

Initial consults (1.25 hours) - $150
We'll spend the majority of your first consult talking about you - your health history, symptoms, lifestyle, energy, diet, test results, what you've tried so far, and what you'd like to achieve. You'll make connections that you never even thought about before, as your overall health picture starts to fall into place. Then we'll work together to formulate a plan, and get you started with some simple first steps to get things moving.

Tools we'll work with may include food, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, flower essences, and lifestyle & behavioural change.

Return consults (40 minutes) - $80
After a week or two, you'll come back in to discuss your plan in more detail, review how you're feeling, and assess any tests or other information you've gathered since your first consult. This is when lots of questions get answered, as you've had some time to think about our first discussion and things are starting to make more sense. At this point we'll agree on whether and when any additional appointments are needed - sometimes 2 or 3 visits is all you'll need to get back on your path to wellness; other times you might find regular visits (or phone/skype consults) are beneficial. There's no one way to do this, we work it out together to suit you.

Wellness, Simplified consults (90 minutes) - $180
These are a stand-alone session, perfect if you are looking for ways to simplify your approach to living a healthful life and feeling as good as you possibly can, but don't have any pressing or chronic health concerns. Ditch the diet train and just focus on really nourishing yourself, body and soul - the rest will follow. You'll even receive a comprehensive, personalised plan mailed out to you after your consult, and follow-up email support for one month after your session.

Skype/Phone consults
Skip the travel time, parking hassles and scheduling difficulties and book in for a Skype or telephone consult at a time that suits you. Available on request - just get in touch and we'll set something up.

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