21 day detox

21 Day Detox Program

Looking for an easy-to-follow, straightforward detox program to kick-start your health this season?

This is a gentle, effective, supported program that will help you feel more energised. You'll learn how to reduce the burden of environmental toxins on your body, through simple diet & lifestyle approaches.

Going through a detox helps restore optimal health and vitality, and is a really helpful way to support your hormonal health, energy levels and digestive function.

What's included?

There is no fasting is involved - you can eat three full meals + snacks every day.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach - I'll work with you to assess the best selection of supplements to support you through the process

You'll be fully supported, and will receive a booklet full of menu plans and recipe ideas to get you through the three weeks.

Detox package 

  • Detox consult - 30 minutes
  • All personalised herbal/nutritional detox supplements
  • All program materials (comprehensive detox booklet, meal plans and recipes)
  • Weekly email check-ins and support from me to keep you motivated and inspired!
  • Private community (Facebook Group) with additional resources, trainings and lots of support for all participants
  • $225 investment

**Frequent Fliers Discount** - if you are a current client and have participated in one of my detox programs before, you qualify for a special $40 reduction in price for the Detox Package!

As part of the program, you'll receive a comprehensive detox manual, menu plan and recipes to support your journey.

Intake is currently open for our next round, commencing Monday March 23rd!

Contact me to reserve your place, or to discuss if this program is right for you.