21 day detox

21 Day Detox Program

Looking for an easy-to-follow, straightforward detox program to kick-start your health this season?

This is a gentle, effective, supported program that will help you feel more energised. You'll learn how to reduce the burden of environmental toxins on your body, through simple diet & lifestyle approaches.

Going through a detox helps restore optimal health and vitality, and is a really helpful way to support your hormonal health, energy levels and digestive function.

What's included?

There is no fasting is involved - you can eat three full meals + snacks every day

  • This is not a one-size-fits-all approach - I'll work with you to assess the best selection of supplements to support you through the process
  • You'll be fully supported - You get three consults with me, PLUS you receive a booklet full of menu plans and recipe ideas to get you through the three weeks.

Week 1: Initial Consult
We'll work through a comprehensive health history and then run through the program materials, making any changes needed to suit your needs; your recommended supplements will be prescribed based on your unique requirements.

Week 2: followup consult to review plan & progress

Week 3: phone/online consult to check in on progress

Week 4 (end of program) - review appointment to consolidate your experience, discuss your ongoing dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and agree on any future treatment requirements. Many patients go on to the "Eat for Health" program to maintain their focus on health and wellbeing - for more information, click here.

As part of the program, you'll receive a comprehensive detox manual, menu plan and recipes to support your journey.

Option 1

  • Includes 4 appointments and all program materials
  • herbal / nutritional supplements not included - can be ordered separately.
  • $385 investment
  • Instalments: First instalment of $200 paid at first consult, second instalment of $185 due at Week 2

Option 2

  • Includes 4 appointments and all program materials
  • PLUS supplement pack consisting of recommended detox supplements
  • $540 investment¬†
  • Instalments: First instalment of $340 paid at first consult, second instalment of $200 due at Week 2

**Existing clients** - if you are a current client and have been to see me within the last 6 months, you qualify for a special $50 reduction in price (and as many of my clients like to do this detox once or twice each year, you can use this discount as many times as you like!)

To book, please contact me and let me know which option you'd like - we'll get you booked in for your initial consult ASAP!