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If you've had it with the constant stream of conflicting information about health, nutrition, diets...

If you're ready to stop the endless searching, to take control of your own health, and start figuring out what's really going on - you're in the right place.
Learn how to cut through the maze of information and find what you really need, what works for you.
I work with women who are ready to feel better. I help you experience the freedom that comes with understanding what your body needs. Your symptoms are telling you something - I'll help interpret those signals, and learn how to shift your behaviours to improve your health.
Imagine the feeling when you no longer have to keep searching for the perfect diet, the magic supplement, the missing link that will finally "fix" you.
You'll have a new understanding of how to be healthy, from the ground up, and you'll have your own simple, personalised wellness toolkit to keep you on track.

Are you ready for a simpler approach to wellness?

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Naturopathy Consults

As a qualified naturopath and holistic nutritionist, I'll work with you to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms, and work with simple diet, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional medicine and flower essences to shift your body back towards wellness.

Come see me in my beautiful clinic in Glen Iris (near Camberwell) in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, or book a Skype call. I can't wait to meet you!

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Tools & Resources

From children's health to PCOS, fertility to diabetes, there's a handy downloadable resource for everyone. Check back regularly to see what's been added, or subscribe below and be the first to know when a new resource is released (plus get bonus goodies, helpful health tips, recipes and more).
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This is where I share about all the areas of health and wellness that interest me. You'll find articles about weightless and dieting, reviews of popular diets, discussion on nutrients and supplements, mental health, recipes, children's health, hormonal health, digestive health and more.

If there's something you'd like me to write about, I'd love to hear from you! Contact me and let me know.

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